Les Joailliers du coeur

Ars in Corde

We try to express in our art all our imagination and our sensibility, both dominants of our spirit. We perceive things with our sense of the mystery, the stranger, the dream, the fantasy and wish to make you share through the beautiful work, our enthusiasm, our inspiration for the quest of happiness, delicately, discreetly pleasure of eyes and senses.

  • «The romanticism gives life and word to the inanimate, lends the idea to the flower, to the animal, to the phenomena, in the mornings, in the evenings, in the dawns, in the twilights, in the whole universe...» Emile Verhaeren

  • «…The romanticism is not exactly either in the choice of the subjects or in the exact truth, but in the way of feeling…» Baudelaire 1846

  • «…They looked for it outside, and it is inside that it was only possible to find it. For me, the romanticism is the most recent, the most current expression of the beautiful...» Baudelaire 1846

  • «…There are so many beauties as there is of usual manners to look for the happiness ...» Baudelaire 1846

  • «Who says romanticism said modern art, that is intimacy, spirituality, color, pursuit towards the infinity, expressed by all the means which contain the arts...» Baudelaire 1846

  • «…The ascendancy of the imagination, the love of the mystery, the tendency to the abstraction, the split love and sensualism, the poetized, idealized love…» Emile Verhaeren

  • «…as an urge to believe in something… to create symbols not to leave his dreams buried… to find, or to find again the time of the secrets..» Céline

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