Les Joailliers du coeur


Our Garantees

Independently of all the guarantees for which you are entitled to expect from the sale by internet, we have to you the following commitments:

  • We drive our business, affairs in an ethical way, to insure integrity, transparency and conformity with the applicable laws and regulations
  • We do not commit acts of corruption
  • We do not tolerate either money laundering, or terrorist financing
  • We conform to the device of certification of Kimberley's process, established to end the business of the " diamonds of the war ", and let us grant our support for the initiatives to insure the respect for human rights and the integrity of the supply chain of the businesses in the Luxury
  • We communicate the characteristics of the products which we sell
  • We subscribe completely to the fundamental rights of the man and to the dignity of the individual, such as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of United Nations, and respect them
  • shall not tolerate either the appeal to the child labour or the recourse to the hard labour or the obstacle in the freedom of movement of the employees and their dependent
  • We make a commitment to respect standards raised in health and safety in all our operations
  • We respect the right of each to join freely. If laws restrict these liberties, we shall encourage the average parallels of expression and dialogue
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of the race, of the ethnic origin, of the caste, of the national origin, of the religion, between the handicap, of the sex, of the sexual orientation, of the membership in a labour union, of the political membership, of the marital status, the physical appearance or the age, or quite other element prohibited by the law
  • We authorize no in no event the physical punishment. We forbid the recourse to any damaging treatment, harassment, abuse, constraint or intimidation, whatever is the shape
  • We make sure that, on a regular base, the working hours and the payment for all the employees are in accordance with the legislation and with the current sector-based capacities
  • We take reasonable measures to insure the physical integrity and the safety of our staffs and the transport of our products
  • We drive our business in a responsible way to the environmental plan
  • We manage our environmental footprint by minimizing or by treating the negative environmental impacts resulting from the driving of our operations
  • We look for the efficiency of our activities by a management responsible for our waste and for our consumption of water and for energy.