Les Joailliers du coeur


Our Association

« The Companions: Jewellers of the Heart » is an association typifies law 1901 the essential object of which is of:

  • Create of the link between worlds of company, the physical handicap and the Luxury,
  • Contribute to a social and economic model allowing the occupational integration of the physical handicap in jobs by the universe of the Luxury,
  • Pass on the passion of the businesses by the universe of the Luxury, to persons whose physical handicap returns their difficult occupational integration in the active life,
  • Contribute to the perpetuity of the know-how of the Luxury.

The association « Les Compagnons Joailliers du Cœur » :

  • Offer to young physically handicapped persons (paraplegics) the opportunity to take their entire place within the City by integrating an adapted salaried activity,
  • Allows to reveal talents, vocations while favouring the blooming and the fulfilment of the «companions: Jewellers of the Heart »,
  • Contribute otherwise to the perpetuity of know how to make French by participating in a singular way in the re-energization of the transmission of art professions.

The association delivers, in the term of a training of 3 years, a specific qualification at the « house of the Jewellers of the Heart » under the shape of the title from « Compagnons Joailliers du Coeur » the Jewellers of the Heart.

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