Les Joailliers du coeur


Our Commitment

Our first will, is to create a link of confidence and intimacy with you which is well beyond a simple commercial relation. We wish to offer you the possibility, in the biggest confidentiality, to express what invades your heart in the thought to be loved to him (her, it)..

Be in closer to you and offer you our art, in your intimacy, without presence, but always by your side, for the moments of happiness and enjoyment which are yours and for which our realizations lock your most precious secrets.

Us, the Jewellers of the Heart, we register in the big tradition of the High French Jewellery also:

Our manufacturing is French even, if necessary, Switzerland

We do not play with words and refuse to deceive our customers. We realize the totality of our manufacturing in France; we declare it and can prove it. Only diamonds, precious or semiprecious stones result from the other countries quite as the custom usage for the brands of the place Vendôme.

All our parts are for the quality standards of the big houses of Jewellery

Our requirement is extreme in this domain. The quality is our red line; we allow ourselves no concession, accommodation, or dishonest compromise in this domain.

Our parts, pieces, are quite unique, hand-made, made only with order

Each of them is individually identified and cannot be replaced. Every part, pieces is the object of a meticulous, systematic control, following our own protocol of control, before being delivered to the customer. The link of the part, piece, with the buyer is unique and can be concealed in the act of purchase. The link with the owner is even more because builds itself in time.