Les Joailliers du coeur


Our Secrets

All our realizations have secrets...

For example, our pendant « The Heart in the Secrets » possess seven secrets.


The most important of all, the seventh, is the one that you will lock there.

For 6 other secrets that the jewelers of the heart hid, the only one is decelable without being introduced. We give you here, an indication which will be useful for you to find it.

…Latin is the key and a heart embellishes…

For 5 other secrets, only our customers share them with us, then join and become, as them, introduced…

The hidden sense from 4C in our House

In every Jeweller’s house, for every diamond, for every customer, 4C means :
« Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity ».

In our house « The Jewellers of the Heart », we have of course, this meaning, but they can take also hidden senses.

Only for you, we reveal here :

The Hidden Creation

The Conviction of the Heart and its Heat

The Consideration of our Customers as Melting pot of the Confidence who connect us

The Citizen Cause of Jewellers of the Heart's Companions

Our House has a secret passage between two worlds

Our House, it’s the secret beauty and revealed in our arts and crafts, the fascinated imagination and the intelligence of the feelings of the heart, with the deep will to return the more harmonious world for all.

The House « The Jewellers of the Heart » so, wants to contribute by its commitment to create a new shape of humanism in the luxury : the gift of « sense ».