Les Joailliers du coeur


Our Universe

The world is our country,Paris point of departure, our place of birth, where everything began, this magic city where we eventually return come back always.

Paris, the place where we exercise our art, inspires us, carries us, we made create.

Our cult of secret and the transmission, translates a part of our art, very too precious to be revealed without being deserved. Foundation of our knowledge, confidentially connected to our acts and our realizations.

Our Universe is a world of secrets, meeting of unique places, of moving moments, of words filled with sense, with music inviting in the dream, of imagination, journeys and stories, initiatory experiences.

In the heart of the High Jewellery, it’s beauty, sensibility, delicacy, generosity and self-sacrifice.

He is carrier of requirement, authenticity, exception, creativity, know-how and boldness.

It characterizes our passion.

We try to express our romantic vision involving imagination and sensibility, guided by our perception of the mystery, the stranger, the dream, the fantasy, according to our enthusiasm and to our inspiration, always in perpetual quest of happiness.