Les Joailliers du coeur


Our Story

We are a group of women and men gathered around a project of company which took sense during our first meeting, almost by chance.

Determinedly engaged, decided, active, having chosen to work together strong>to live a human adventure which fascinates us, us, the founders of the Jewellers of the Heart, us undertake to contribute "otherwise" to the life of the City.

It's the heart which gathers us and which connects us now, much more than a reasoned and calculated initiative. Each holds a place, in its way, and offers to the others his contribution to advance on our objective common, and it, to the heart of an art profession: the High Jewellery.

Our humanist convictions drive us to put our experiences, those of a life, in the service of the City through a meaningful project of company for his founders, his partners, his employees, his customers.

The Jewellers of the Heart is a said company « entreprise sociale » whose foundation is naturally economic but also public-spirited through its commitment in favour of the businesses by the universe of the Luxury and the association « Les Compagnons Joailliers du Cœur ».«.

We are with the association « Les Compagnons Joailliers du Cœur »