Les Joailliers du coeur


Who are us ?

The one, at the dawn of about fifty reviewed and threw a glance on its life, of his quite youth in today. Of this glance in the form of balance assessment it is drawn a project, for a new slice of life, a happy, meaningful project, conjugating passion for business, a division and a transmission, a human adventure, a public-spirited act, a self-sacrifice…

Other, professional of company, projects gave substance to this project, still in the imagination of the first one, by chiselling all his outlines. His offer was spontaneous, simple, and formidably effective. He gave many of his time and used all his expertise there to build, such a master of work, this project of company which he made his from the beginning.

Finally, because a project is above all opened on the outside, in search of talents and skills which are necessary, we met a woman of exception who spontaneously relied on us and made a commitment to give to this project all its societal, multicultural and international dimension.

The Jewellers of the Heart, it is :

  • Personalities' meeting in the convictions strong citizens,
  • A "social" company guided by asserted humanist values